Frequently Asked Questions/Policies

Return Policy-We never want a customer to feel stuck with an item that just doesn't work for him. Therefore we accept returns as long as the item is in its original conditions (all tagged still attached) and will offer you a store credit, exchange of a like or different item or a refund. We also know that you might never use a store credit so if a refund is best for you, we will accomodate your request (after all as a customer I would not want to be "stuck" with a store credit I might never use). Please notify us via email ( ) within 10 days that you need to return any items and we can proceed. Any refund processed back to AMEX will incur a 2.5% restocking fee.

Delivery Service-We have noticed since moving to The Rockies that our customers tend to come here for vacation, year-round. If you are coming into our area and would like to see some special items in your hotel room or condo, let me know and I'd be glad to bring you a package and let you see how it works. This is a new service, but one that has been a pleasure, as I now get to put some faces with the names I've seen all these years.

Frequency of Inventory Arrivals-We are ALWAYS looking for the next great deal. I would say we receive at least one shipment every month. Some months will have several shipments, but we are buying every month!

Gift Certificates-We offer a Gift Certificate option. You can buy a Gift Certificate in any amount (in increments of $25.00). Let us know how to contact the recipient and we will set up a store credit coupon in the value of the Gift Certificate to be used at any time, with no expiration date.

Referrals-We love to get referrals. It tell us that we are doing things the right way! If you refer someone to our site, and they end up making a purchase, let me know. Just email me and say "Hey Lance, I referred Jim to you" and when he buys something I will set up a $15 store credit for you to use as a Thank You!

Sales-On occasion some of our items do not sell quickly enough for my tastes which is why we set up the Clearance Section. This is where we discount the items in hopes of a quick sale so that we can move forward. Nobody wants to visit a store over and over and see the same things sitting there for eternity!

US Shipping Costs (If you need it sent in a quicker manner such as 2-day or Overnight, which is an additional charge, contact me via telephone or email to arrange). I am also fine with you using your own Fedex/UPS account if you prefer to ship in this manner. Prices are for single items, additional items incur a smaller incremental shipping cost:

  • $5.00-Cufflinks, Pocket Squares, Socks, Underwear
  • $5.20-Belts, Bowties, Ties
  • $5.50-Scarves, Swimwear
  • $8.00-Vests
  • $8.25-Knitwear
  • $8.50-Dress Shirts, Pajamas, Shorts, Sport Shirts, Tuxedo Shirts
  • $9.25-Denim, Dress Slacks, Sport Pants/Cargos/Cords, Sweaters
  • $11.00-Jackets, Robes
  • $11.50-Outerwear
  • $12.00-Shoes, Suits, Tuxedos

Canadian and Everywhere Else Shipping Charges (these shipping charges are using USPS First Class, which does not allow for tracking. If you wish to have your package sent with either USPS Priority International or USPS Express Mail International this will cost extra. Please contact me to arrange.). Prices are for single items, additional items incur a smaller incremental shipping cost:

  • Dress Shirts, Sports Shirts, Tuxedo Shirts-$12 Canada, $21 Everywhere Else
  • Knitwear-$11 Canada, $18 Everywhere Else
  • Sweaters-$14 Canada, $21 Everywhere Else
  • Shorts-$9 Canada, $17 Everywhere Else
  • Shoes-$35 Canada, $51 Everywhere Else
  • Bowties, Ties-$5.20 Canada, $9 Everywhere Else
  • Suits, Tuxedos-$28 Canada, $39 Everywhere Else
  • Jackets-$17 Canada, $28 Everywhere Else
  • Outerwear-$18 Canada, $32 Everywhere Else
  • Swimwear-$5.50 Canada, $10 Everywhere Else
  • Sport Pants/Cargos/Cords-$14 Canada, $22 Everywhere Else
  • Dress Slacks-$14 Canada, $21 Everywhere Else
  • Robes-$15 Canada, $24 Everywhere Else
  • Denim-$15 Canada, $26 Everywhere Else
  • Underwear-$5.20 Canada, $10 Everywhere Else
  • Vests-$8 Canada, $12 Everywhere Else
  • Pajamas-$12 Canada, $18.50 Everywhere Else
  • Belts-$5.20 Canada, $9.20 Everywhere Else
  • Socks-$5 Canada, $9 Everywhere Else
  • Scarves-$6.50 Canada, $11 Everywhere Else
  • Cufflinks-$6 Canada, $9 Everywhere Else
  • Pocket Squares-$5 Canada, $9 Everywhere Else